Energy is essential. Where this energy originates is one of the most critical issues our generation faces today. With the environment at risk, the world is in desperate need of a safe and reliable source of clean energy that leaves less of an impact on the Earth. PRISM, an advanced nuclear reactor designed by GE, offers just that. The PRISM is a 4th generation nuclear reactor that places innovative technology, sustainability and safety first.

Graphic by Ally J. Levine
Dr. Eric Loewen - Chief Consulting Engineer, GEH; Video by Carol Bono

Power a new generation

PRISM’s innovative technology will revolutionize the way our world is powered by offering a safe, sustainable, and carbon-free source of energy. The PRISM is a fast, small modular reactor (SMR) that is powered by spent nuclear fuel from older reactors in a process that also eliminates weapons-grade material.


PRISM’s safety systems rely on nature, instead of human or mechanical intervention, to automatically power the reactor off if it gets too hot. Additionally, PRISM’s byproduct is free of plutonium, disabling it from being converted into nuclear weapons.


PRISM provides a solution for the nuclear waste problem by recycling used fuel from past nuclear reactor programs and converting 99% of the remaining uranium into electricity.

Carbon Free

PRISM offers a clean power source that produces no greenhouse gas emissions in electricity production. This technology has the ability to produce one hundred times more electricity than conventional nuclear reactors and improves previous nuclear reactor’s already low life-cycle emissions.

PRISM offers a large-scale sustainable
energy source

Overall, nuclear energy is vital to meeting our world’s growing energy needs as well as our environmental goals for a clean energy future. PRISM is a reliable and safe supply of electricity that can provide the foundational power grid for a mix of sustainable energies including nuclear, wind and water power sources.

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