Energy Revolution

At GE, we see the energy revolution as the solution to climate change. Our environment is too important to continue as we are, and a change must be made. PRISM, our nuclear energy reactor, is a key component, if not the most important piece of this solution. Nuclear energy with PRISM will lead us to an energy future that is sustainable, environmentally conscious, and, with GE, safe.

Dr. Eric Loewen - Chief Consulting Engineer, GEH; Video by Carol Bono

GE History

Here at GE, we have always prioritized innovation. Founded in 1892 by Thomas Edison and Charles Coffin, we have a rich history of disruptive American creativity. While the first quarter of our existence was spent in the computer manufacturing industry, we have become an American multinational corporation with products ranging from aircraft engines to nuclear reactors. We have always been a driving force in our industry, and we are committed to continuing our legacy with this technolgy.


Our latest effort at GE Hitachi is a 4th generation advanced nuclear energy reactor called PRISM. It is a clean and sustainable energy source that uses existing nuclear waste to power the country with very low carbon emissions. We recycle paper and plastic, so why not recycle energy waste? Nuclear energy is vital to meeting our world’s growing energy needs as well as our environmental goals for a clean energy future. PRISM is a reliable supply of electricity that can meet these goals.

“The United States has enough used nuclear fuel for PRISM to supply America’s electricity needs for 1,000 years.”

- GE Chief Consulting Engineer Eric Loewen


Both GE and Hitachi have a legacy of building nuclear plants safely for more than 50 years. And with experience managing complex processes and facilities, GE’s employees are among the world’s highest trained and qualified. GE also uses American-made technology and supports American innovation to lead the energy industry.

You’ve trusted us to power many elements of your daily life, and now we’re ready to take another step in the direction of progress. With sustainability as our focus, we are pursuing the cleanest and most sustainable energy source yet. Though some may be uncertain about nuclear energy, GE and GE Hitachi are ready to make a difference in the world with PRISM. We are on the cusp of a new energy generation, and we can establish a clean energy source that revolutionizes the fight against climate change. The environment is at risk, and this breakthrough in carbon-free energy technology is the answer to our problem. With your support, PRISM can power our future.

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