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With 70 million potential voters, Millennials have immense power. By not voting, we surrender our power and ideas. We are the first generation who will directly experience the effects of climate change. The solutions needed will not happen if we don’t vote for the officials who will speak on our behalf. If we want to start an energy revolution, we have to exercise our right to vote.

Dr. Eric Loewen - Chief Consulting Engineer, GEH; Video by Carol Bono

Power a New Generation University Tour
Exploring a Nuclear Solution

Join us for the first ever Power a New Generation University Tour! This event will visit 15 universities across the United States to engage about the energy crisis and inspire you with the solution. GEH will provide a variety of activities and events explaining this crisis as well as the technology that can solve it. Even though this event is on a college campus, all are welcome and encouraged to attend!

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