Music Map

Music Map is a tool for music lovers: the ones who browse record stores for fun and build their identities with their music collections. With Music Map, I wanted to immerse these users in their own musical universes by creating an experience that feels more involved than receiving a playlist once a week.

The idea is to leverage a user's Spotify listening data to generate a unique musical identity map. The goal of this map is to not only clearly show users what music they listen to, but also expose them to the vast amount of music they have yet to discover and to motivate them to explore.

The goal with this design concept is to recreate the thrill and satisfaction of the "manual" search for new music, while utilizing Spotify's data to help guide the process. Think of it as record shopping with your musically knowledgeable friend.


Sign in with Spotify to access your listener taste profile.

View your Map. Genre Bubbles are scaled to reflect your listening habits.

Tap a Genre Bubble to start a playlist of that genre algorithmically tailored to your taste profile.

Press and hold a Genre Bubble to access options of viewing its artists, its subgenres, or selecting multiple genres at once.

Explore ultra-specific subgenres you haven't heard of.

Discover new, unknown artists. From here, view their Spotify artist page.

Find songs, artists, albums, subgenres, or friends.

Organize your Map by intensity, popularity, included genres, time, and place.

Connect with your favorite artists' music tastes, or explore the music of different subcultures.


Design Process


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Thanks for checking out my recent work. I'm currently based in Brooklyn. If you want to meet up and talk design projects, feel free to reach out!